It's important that you choose a style, that suits both your interior design style, but also is functional for the way you live you life.

We offer 3 sofa collections, from a more relaxed, feather and down sofa (Soulmate Luxe), through to a more contemporary split back sofa with head rest bolster (Soulmate Tailored).

All collections offer a timeless silhouette, to ensure you can Keep loving your sofa for longer.


It's important to consider size, when looking for your perfect sofa. How you will use your sofa and living space, as well as physically what space you have to accommodate a new sofa.

Our sofas are modular, which means you can reconfigure your sofa in your living space and they can grow & evolve with you, to suit all life stages or moving house.

Two modular pieces comfortably works as a 3 seater sofa and is best for smaller spaces, families and couples, or for bigger settings alongside another sofa or chair. By adding a footstool, you can create a chaise sofa, or use the footstool as an ottoman coffee table.

Creating a larger corner sofa, usually in an L shape or symmetrical formation, is great for large families who want to save space, as they're designed to tuck into corners. They are also great for dividing up a room, in more open plan living and perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Before ordering, make sure to measure your space, as well as your access points such as doorways, hallways, stairwells etc to make sure the sofa can get into your home easily. For more information, see our "How To Measure For Your Sofa" guide below.


Choosing the right fabric for you and your lifestyle is important,

Fortunately all our fabrics are stain resistant Aquaclean fabrics, meaning they are family and pet friendly and keep stains sitting on the surface, so can be cleaned with just water and a clean dry cloth.

We currently offer 2 fabric qualities in a range of timeless colours. We deliberately don't offer trend led colours or fabrics, as we want to ensure that you love the fabrics you choose, for as long as possible.

Our Textured Weave fabric, is a basketweave fabric. Put simply this is where the warp and weft threads form a criss cross pattern and gives the fabric a more textured handle.

Our Soft Plain is a flatter fabric, that still retains some surface texture and has a soft handle.

You can order free fabric swatches online here.


We offer our Soulmate sofa in both a classic fibre fill, as well as a luxe feather fill.

Our Soulmate/Soulmate Tailored combines a Spinks pocket sprung base with a Ultraflex fibre seat cushion and uses recycled fibre in the back cushions, which offers a supportive, more structured comfort.

Soulmate Luxe combines a Spinks pocket sprung base, with a feather and down seat cushion, offering a more luxurious, relaxed, sink-in comfort. Feathers are a natural filling and are therefore more expensive and require regular plumping every couple of weeks, to keep them looking their best.

When choosing your filling, think about how often you use your sofa, and the levels of maintenance.

When you receive your new sofa, you may find that the cushions feel firmer than expected, but this is normal and they will settle during use.

How To Measure For Your Sofa

To measure for your new sofa, clear the space in your room where your new sofa will go. Measure the maximum width and length of this space to give you an idea of the biggest sofa you can fit. You might also want to lay out card or paper in the shape of your new sofa before buying it – that way, you'll get an idea of how it'll look with your other furniture, and highlight any problems you might have moving around it.

Make sure to check the packaging dimensions. Size these up against your doorways and ceiling height, plus any narrow walkways it'll have to pass through, to make sure you'll be able to get it to where you want it.